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Styx River – Helicopter Trip Number 1

helicopter flying in kayaks on the upper Styx River We returned to our accommodation after a great day on the Kakapotahi River. It wasn’t long before we began considering our options for the next day. It hadn’t rained all day, which meant that now we’d just have to play the waiting game as various rivers slowly dropped back down to a manageable level. After some thought and talk with some locals, we decided that the Styx River should have dropped down enough by the morning. In the morning we headed off for the Styx River. Driving over the bridge at the take out, the level looked good. Not only did this mean we would be paddling a great river, but this would also be our first … Continue reading
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Lower Kakapotahi River – A Day Late

Whitewater kayaking on the lower Kakapotahi River After paddling the Totara River, our plan for the following day was to paddle the lower section of the Kakapotahi River. That night it rained. When we got up in the morning, it rained. On the drive to the Kakapotahi River, it rained some more. Actually, rain would be a gross understatement, it was absolutely pouring down. There is meant to be a dirt road on the way to the put in. However, we were driving through more water than anything else. Along the way the car hit a very waterlogged patch of mud and tracked off the side of the road into a ditch. Fortunately, there was a nice big log in the ditch … Continue reading
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Totara River

Totara River bridge in flood After finishing up on the Hollyford River, we headed back to Queenstown for New Years Eve. We drove out for an afternoon paddle down the Routeburn River, but unfortunately it was far too low. On New Years Day we left for Hokitika on the West Coast. We parted ways with Al and Rebekah, who’d been in New Zealand for a while longer than us and were heading back home to Australia and the USA respectively. We also said goodbye to Lucas who had some mountaineering and other adventures lined up. That left Duncan, Marina, Tristan and Allen who continued on to the West Coast. We also met up with Brent, who had just arrived from … Continue reading
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