Best things to do in Nepal

Nepal is in South Asia and is landlocked. Nepal is in central Himalayas and hosts Mt.Everest, the highest mountain in the world. The best time to visit Nepal is September when the monsoon is about to end and the skies are clear, the view is incredible and air so fresh. October to November is a good time to visit too; because of the dry weather making trekking easier and the visibility at this time is good. The landscapes are ideal for epic photos. It’s the best place to visit for an ardent photographer.

It is safe to travel to Nepal because it is free from political tension. The peace enjoyed by inhabitants makes it a good place to spend your vacation. It is the one of the best destination for all types of trekkers and hikers. Appeal to climb Mt.Everest by most of the tourists has made Nepal a major tourist destination.

The best things to do while in Nepal include:

Trekking in Nepal

Whether you are a newbie in trekking or an experienced one, Nepal is the best place to fulfill your urge for a trekking experience. The best routes to trek are found in Nepal. The best trek route is Poonhill trek that takes four days. If you can spend more than twelve days in Nepal, Everest base camp trek is the best for you to take part in, because it takes twelve days to finish.

If you love mountain climbing but you are not experienced, the most recommended peak to climb is the Mera peak or the Island peak. These peaks are more than six thousand feet and they can give an inexperienced climber an adventure of a lifetime.

Panoramic flight over the Himalayas

You might not be able to trek in the Himalayas but that doesn’t mean that you have to leave Nepal without having to view the majestic peaks in the world. A panoramic flight tour gives you the best chance to view the Himalayan beauty and view the peak of Mt.Everest.

Visit the Chitwan National Park

Chitwan Park is the first in Nepal and is one of the places that you must consider when visiting Nepal. It is home to more than five thousand migratory birds’ species, the one-horned rhinos, Asian elephants and Bengal tigers. It gives you the best opportunity to see many animals like the crocodiles, bears, elephants, and tigers. The common sightings for birds include the egrets, kingfishers, brahminy ducks and paradise flycatchers.

The best way that you can manage to explore Chitwan Park is having a three –day trip and spending two nights in any Chitwan hotels. You might get a chance to visit the actual Tharu Village during your stay in Nepal.


There are many things that you can do during your visit to Nepal. You can take a tour in Kathmandu valley and have a guide to show you all the turns in the valley. You can take a biking tour on road and visit the various sites in Nepal. The things to do cannot be exhausted in one article; you can only do so by visiting Nepal and staying for several days. The experience is wonderful and you will recount it for a lifetime.

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