Best Travel Destinations in Asia

The continent of Asia is loaded with a variety of exciting travel destinations. Hence, opting for a specific destination may sound a bit confusing. To relieve you from this issue, we have compiled the list of best travel destinations in Asia. To know more, just continue reading the article.

Nagasaki Japan

Known for a tragic incident of August 1945 when an atomic bomb hit the city, this place still reminds the tourist about that catastrophic event. Nagasaki has recovered a lot from its destructive past and now portrays itself as a progressive city.

The Nagasaki Peace Park is a tranquil place to visit. Here you can find the remains of the destroyed monument and important structures. The images of destruction at that time show the intensity of grief and sorrow. 

Besides, the old port of Nagasaki is a place where you can witness the true merger of east and west. Most of the tourists also visit the surrounding volcanic hills and enjoy true hiking experience.

Busan South Korea

Busan is a beautiful combination of culture, cuisine and stunning scenery. It is the most visited beach gateway of the country. The city offers a variety of electric attractions, where tourists can enjoy all sorts of activities that are thrilling as well entertaining.

You can try hiking to reach Buddhist temples, dip into the hot springs and treat your taste buds with the finest seafood. Every year, Busan launches vibrant and colorful events, which display the unique elements of its cultural heritage, food, and bustling street life. 

Western Ghats India

Located in the steamy highlands of southern India, Western Ghats offer a mesmerizing atmosphere, which appeal to national and international tourists. The vast forests of Darjeeling and Shimla are the temptations you can resist.

Moreover, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Kerala, and Goa are the Unesco listed areas, known for their biodiversity. The amazing wildlife includes cheetahs, lions, elephants, and tigers.


With its unique mosaic-clad mosques and Intriguing Silk Road lore, Uzbekistan has been popular among the tourist since long. Tourism is flourishing in Uzbekistan, as the country tries to facilitate the tourist through e-Visa or visa-free for some countries. The unique architecture, amazing food, great beaches, and ancient structures are some of the prominent reasons to visit Uzbekistan.

Chiang Mai—Thailand

This city has changed a lot over the period of time, as young and creative people are settling in this part of Thailand. The streets are buzzing with life; there are food stalls and shopping facilities at every corner.

After a long day of hiking and visiting the gold-painted chedis (stupas), you can relax with your buddies at local cafés. The city is also famous for its mural-walled restaurant, mouth-watering cuisine, and MAIIAM Contemporary Art Museum.

Sichuan China

Sìchuān is popular for its towering skylines, giant pandas, far-flung villages and delicious cuisine. The province has grown up to become a dazzling part of modern China. There are more reasons to visit this place than you can think of.

Chengdu is a cosmopolitan, serving as a tech and design hub of the country. Tourists can enjoy a long journey to Tibet by riding the Sìchuān-Tibet Railway. When arriving at the mountain ranges of Tibet, you won’t have words to express the serenity prevailing in the area.

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