Most Beautiful Beaches in the World

Beaches around the world attract millions of tourists each year. The best aspects of visiting a beach relate to its spectacular views, recreational activities, and marine life exploration.   

If you are planning to visit a beach and can’t choose among the best options, here is the list of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Camps Bay, Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town is one of the top most beautiful cities in the world. The reason for this is its magnificent beaches. The beauty of these white sand beaches takes its flare from the surrounding Table Mountain Range.

Although the water at Camps Bay is quite cold, it won’t bother you at all once you take a dip. The best sunset and astounding scenery that surrounds the bay will make your trip the most memorable one.

Anse Source D’argent, Seychelles

The glittering blue water and white sands are some of the reasons why it the most popular beach in the world. The beach shines against the backdrop scenes of gorgeous granite boulders. While snorkeling in the clear waters of this beach, you can witness the amazing marine life. This place is home to numerous endangered species such as giant tortoise and different birds.

Grace Bay, Turks & Caicos

Located at the northern shore, Grace Bay covers an area of 19km. This heaven on earth is popular for its transparent water, sugary sand, and extensive coral reef system. The clear waters of Grace Bay offer you the best diving and snorkeling experience.

This overcrowded beach is an ideal place to plan a party with your friends. However, if you want to spend some relaxing moments, you will definitely find a suitable place away from the main part of the beach.

Whitehaven Beach, Queensland, Australia

This spectacular beach is a part of the Whitsunday Islands National Park. Its location in the heart of the Great Barrier Reef makes it a special place for the lovers of marine life. Whitehaven beach is the most popular beach in Australia, which sprawls over an area of 7 km. The turquoise, green, and blue colored waters make it one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.  

Long Beach, Vancouver Island, Canada

The breathtaking beauty of this beach simply makes you speechless. Located at Vancouver Island, Canada, the jaw-dropping views of this beach give you the reason to visit this marvelous tourist attraction. The surrounding area of this beach is also intimidating with lush natural rainforests and pristine landscapes.

Navagio Beach, Zakynthos, Greece

Situated at the Greek island Zakynthos, the Navagio beach is a stunning beach. Its untouched natural habitat strikes your attention. The beautiful white sand beach is also home to the wreck of a famous ship known as Panagiotis. Moreover, its pleasant weather, sky towering limestone cliffs, and blue water attract a wide range of tourists each year.

Polihale Beach, Hawaii, USA

Polihale Beach is the most popular Hawaiian beach with its breathtaking scenic views. Apparently, this beach seems to be a desert, yet its mesmerizing environ forces the tourists to visit this place. Reaching this beach isn’t easy, but once you arrive there—you will be amazed by its serene views.

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