Most Beautiful Lakes in the World

Although lakes serve the purpose of providing clean water for irrigation and drinking purposes, there is another reason why these natural reservoirs are so important for us. Millions of tourist visit the lakes around the world each year. The basic factor that compels visitors to these lakes is their stunning appearance and natural landscapes. 

In order to guide you about most beautiful lakes in the world, here is a list of some of these gorgeous wonders of nature.

Five-flower Lake, Sichuan, China

This lake is a part of Jiuzhaigou national park, located in the Northern Sichuan part of China. The park has a great variety of lakes. The total count of these marvelous lakes reaches up to 108. Almost every lake exhibits a distinct color.

Some of these lakes display more than one color, which makes the landscape more intriguing and stunning. During autumn, the whole vegetation turns yellow, giving a mesmerizing effect to the surroundings.

Lake Matheson, South Westland, New Zealand

This gorgeous lake is popular as the most scenic landscapes in New Zealand. Located in the South Westland part, this lake is in close vicinity to the popular Fox Glacier. The mirror-like view of Lake Matheson is famous among the tourists, who visit this place from around the world to witness this astounding view.

Plitvice Lakes, Central Croatia

Situated in Central Croatia, the Plitvice lakes national park is a popular tourist attraction and World Heritage Site. The formation of lakes and natural dams is a process that is still active in this area. In total, there are 20 astounding lakes, out of which 16 lakes own a series of waterfalls.

Lake Pehoe, Magallanes, Chile

This lake is the most visited tourist attraction in Patagonia of Chile. Located in amazing Torres del Paine national park, the Pehoe lake is famous for its engaging surroundings and clean turquoise water. The magnificent forests in the surrounding area are teaming with wildlife.

Lake Baikal, Siberia, Russia

Located in Southeastern parts of Siberia, Baikal lake is the deepest and oldest freshwater lake around the world. According to researchers, the creation of this lake dates back to 25-30 million years ago. The lake is 1.6 kilometers deep and stretches up to an area of 636 kilometers. The surrounding area of the lake is home to almost 100 species of plants and 2500 species of animals.

Maligne Lake, Alberta, Canada

Maligne Lake is a marvelous natural reservoir. Located in Jasper national park of Alberta, this lake is the largest glacier-fed lake in Canada. This marvelous lake stretches over an area of 22 kilometers long. The vivid blue colored water of Maligne Lake adds a serene effect to the landscape.

Dal Lake, Jammu, and Kashmir, India

The unsurpassable beauty of Dal Lake is worth seeing. Located in the Srinagar, Jammu Kashmir, this lake is popular as the ‘Jewel in the crown of Kashmir’. Surrounded by the ice-capped mountains, the lake provides surreal views that are beyond imagination.  The shore of this lake has lush green vegetation, making it more attractive and soothing for the eyes.

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