Best Travel Spots You Can’t Afford to Miss

Here are the best travel spots in the world that you should visit once in your lifetime.

Mexico City, Mexico

Mexico is a city with centuries-old architecture including the pre-Hispanic buildings. Besides, the colonial cathedrals are also there to draw the attention of visitors. These are the reasons, which served as the main cause for naming Mexico City as the World Design Capital in 2018.

The creative people of this city still embrace ancient traditions. The ancient monuments and jaw-dropping landscapes of the city offer a reason to visit this place.

Seattle, USA

Seattle remains in the global limelight due to its progressive and smart lifestyle. The Space Needle is an embarking landmark of this city, which is simply worth watching. The surrounding areas of this city offer a great way to spend quality time with family and friends.

The hilly areas serve as the best spot for hiking, mountain climbing, and other adventurous activities. The city parks, Pike Place Market, Museum of Pop Culture, and Chihuly Garden are some of the popular tourist attractions in Seattle.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen is a vibrant city offering a variety of tourist attractions and mouth-watering Scandinavian menus. The Refshaleoen is the booming food-street of the city. Moreover, Tivoli Gardens is an amusement park with plenty of attractions and recreational activities.

The Amager Bakke is a must place to visit, which has a variety of hiking tracks and ski spots. The Danish Architecture Centre serves as the best way to witness the cultural heritage of the city.

Kathmandu, Nepal

Katmandu is a crowded yet beautiful city. Its bustling streets are buzzing with life and the smell of street food drives you through the streets. The savory delicacies are surely a treat for your taste buds. The Thamel neighborhood is a commercial hub of the city, offering plenty of indigenous clothes and antique shops. Moreover, Boudhanath Stupa is one of the best places to visit in Kathmandu.

Novi Sad, Serbia

The Elegant city of Novi Sad stays in the limelight with its status of Serbia’s ‘New Garden’. It regularly hosts the interesting EXIT festival. Storm Petrovaradin’s Fortress is a place where this event takes place every year.

In addition, you can also explore the ancient town of Fruška Gora. The jaw-dropping landscape of this mountainous region is a feast for the nature lovers. Krušedol and Grgeteg are the two historic and worth visiting places in the city.

Dakar, Senegal

Dakar is one of the Dazzling cities of Africa, which offers a perfect blend of colorful markets, sun-kissed beaches, and energetic nightclubs. There are numerous other myriad attractions, which persuade tourists to visit this marvelous seaside capital of Senegal. The city has evolved itself as the best travel destination in West Africa.

Miami, USA

Known for its white shady beaches and vibrant nightlife, Miami has been serving as the best tourist attraction since long. This tropical paradise outperforms the other travel destinations of North America. It’s sunny beaches offer a warm welcome to the tourists in winter. 

Miami is also a place to visit for the art lovers and foodies. The latest architectural developments have given an iconic look to this city. The Institute of Contemporary Art Design, Museum Garage, and public art installations are some of the highlights of this city.

Most Beautiful Beaches in the World

Beaches around the world attract millions of tourists each year. The best aspects of visiting a beach relate to its spectacular views, recreational activities, and marine life exploration.   

If you are planning to visit a beach and can’t choose among the best options, here is the list of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Camps Bay, Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town is one of the top most beautiful cities in the world. The reason for this is its magnificent beaches. The beauty of these white sand beaches takes its flare from the surrounding Table Mountain Range.

Although the water at Camps Bay is quite cold, it won’t bother you at all once you take a dip. The best sunset and astounding scenery that surrounds the bay will make your trip the most memorable one.

Anse Source D’argent, Seychelles

The glittering blue water and white sands are some of the reasons why it the most popular beach in the world. The beach shines against the backdrop scenes of gorgeous granite boulders. While snorkeling in the clear waters of this beach, you can witness the amazing marine life. This place is home to numerous endangered species such as giant tortoise and different birds.

Grace Bay, Turks & Caicos

Located at the northern shore, Grace Bay covers an area of 19km. This heaven on earth is popular for its transparent water, sugary sand, and extensive coral reef system. The clear waters of Grace Bay offer you the best diving and snorkeling experience.

This overcrowded beach is an ideal place to plan a party with your friends. However, if you want to spend some relaxing moments, you will definitely find a suitable place away from the main part of the beach.

Whitehaven Beach, Queensland, Australia

This spectacular beach is a part of the Whitsunday Islands National Park. Its location in the heart of the Great Barrier Reef makes it a special place for the lovers of marine life. Whitehaven beach is the most popular beach in Australia, which sprawls over an area of 7 km. The turquoise, green, and blue colored waters make it one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.  

Long Beach, Vancouver Island, Canada

The breathtaking beauty of this beach simply makes you speechless. Located at Vancouver Island, Canada, the jaw-dropping views of this beach give you the reason to visit this marvelous tourist attraction. The surrounding area of this beach is also intimidating with lush natural rainforests and pristine landscapes.

Navagio Beach, Zakynthos, Greece

Situated at the Greek island Zakynthos, the Navagio beach is a stunning beach. Its untouched natural habitat strikes your attention. The beautiful white sand beach is also home to the wreck of a famous ship known as Panagiotis. Moreover, its pleasant weather, sky towering limestone cliffs, and blue water attract a wide range of tourists each year.

Polihale Beach, Hawaii, USA

Polihale Beach is the most popular Hawaiian beach with its breathtaking scenic views. Apparently, this beach seems to be a desert, yet its mesmerizing environ forces the tourists to visit this place. Reaching this beach isn’t easy, but once you arrive there—you will be amazed by its serene views.

Best Travel Destinations in Asia

The continent of Asia is loaded with a variety of exciting travel destinations. Hence, opting for a specific destination may sound a bit confusing. To relieve you from this issue, we have compiled the list of best travel destinations in Asia. To know more, just continue reading the article.

Nagasaki Japan

Known for a tragic incident of August 1945 when an atomic bomb hit the city, this place still reminds the tourist about that catastrophic event. Nagasaki has recovered a lot from its destructive past and now portrays itself as a progressive city.

The Nagasaki Peace Park is a tranquil place to visit. Here you can find the remains of the destroyed monument and important structures. The images of destruction at that time show the intensity of grief and sorrow. 

Besides, the old port of Nagasaki is a place where you can witness the true merger of east and west. Most of the tourists also visit the surrounding volcanic hills and enjoy true hiking experience.

Busan South Korea

Busan is a beautiful combination of culture, cuisine and stunning scenery. It is the most visited beach gateway of the country. The city offers a variety of electric attractions, where tourists can enjoy all sorts of activities that are thrilling as well entertaining.

You can try hiking to reach Buddhist temples, dip into the hot springs and treat your taste buds with the finest seafood. Every year, Busan launches vibrant and colorful events, which display the unique elements of its cultural heritage, food, and bustling street life. 

Western Ghats India

Located in the steamy highlands of southern India, Western Ghats offer a mesmerizing atmosphere, which appeal to national and international tourists. The vast forests of Darjeeling and Shimla are the temptations you can resist.

Moreover, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Kerala, and Goa are the Unesco listed areas, known for their biodiversity. The amazing wildlife includes cheetahs, lions, elephants, and tigers.


With its unique mosaic-clad mosques and Intriguing Silk Road lore, Uzbekistan has been popular among the tourist since long. Tourism is flourishing in Uzbekistan, as the country tries to facilitate the tourist through e-Visa or visa-free for some countries. The unique architecture, amazing food, great beaches, and ancient structures are some of the prominent reasons to visit Uzbekistan.

Chiang Mai—Thailand

This city has changed a lot over the period of time, as young and creative people are settling in this part of Thailand. The streets are buzzing with life; there are food stalls and shopping facilities at every corner.

After a long day of hiking and visiting the gold-painted chedis (stupas), you can relax with your buddies at local cafés. The city is also famous for its mural-walled restaurant, mouth-watering cuisine, and MAIIAM Contemporary Art Museum.

Sichuan China

Sìchuān is popular for its towering skylines, giant pandas, far-flung villages and delicious cuisine. The province has grown up to become a dazzling part of modern China. There are more reasons to visit this place than you can think of.

Chengdu is a cosmopolitan, serving as a tech and design hub of the country. Tourists can enjoy a long journey to Tibet by riding the Sìchuān-Tibet Railway. When arriving at the mountain ranges of Tibet, you won’t have words to express the serenity prevailing in the area.

World’s Most Beautiful Mountains

Mountains are fascinating structures of nature, which inspire us with their immense height. Apart from their sky touching height, the display of diverse landscapes also makes them special.  To know about the topmost beautiful mountains in the world, just take a look at the list provided below.

You should be able to gather quite a bit of resources from these mountains. And if you are from a place that doesn’t have this kind of beauty, we recommend making the journey to at least one of these spectacular locations. It doesn’t matter if you are stuck living in the middle of Omaha, Nebraska as a farmer or in the panhandle of Florida treating the elderly as a Chiropractor in Kissimmee. No matter where you are, get out and get exploring the world.

Matterhorn, Swiss-Italian Border

Matterhorn may not be the highest peak among The Alps, yet it owns a reputation of the most beautiful mountain in the world. This attractive mountain is majestic as well as magical. Located on the Swiss -Italian border, this pyramidal shaped mountain draws the attention of visitors from around the world. With a height of 4478 meters, this mountain is the highest peak in all of Switzerland.  

Ama Dablam, Eastern Nepal

Known as the ‘Matterhorn of the Himalayas’, this mountain is also popular for its beautiful location. Situated in Khumbu region of Eastern Nepal, Ama Dablam is a snow packed mountain with a height of 6812 meters. Various mountaineers got fame after accenting the peak of this marvelous mountain.

Table Mountain, Cape Town, South Africa

Table Mountain stands up to the height of 1084 meter. It is a natural wonder of South Africa, which is a paradise for hikers and mountaineers. The Table Mountain is an integral part of the Table Mountain National Park. To enjoy a better view of this mountain, you can take a cable car ride that will take you to some of the gorgeous sites of the park.

Eiger Mountain, Bernese Alps, Switzerland

Located in the Bernese Alps of Western Switzerland, this iconic Eiger Mountain is one of the most beautiful mountains in the world. Due to its elevation up to 3970 meters, the mountain looks stunning from almost every direction. Mountaineers can utilize a wide range of routes to reach its summit. However, most of these routes are dangerous and challenging.

Tre Cime di Lavaredo, Northeastern Italy

Situated on the world famous Dolomite mountain range, Tre Cime di Lavaredo is a group of three peaks. These peaks include Cima Grande, Cima Ovest, and Cima Piccola. The top peak of this mountain range reaches at the height of 2999 meters. Its spectacular views and amazing landscape make it one of the world’s most beautiful mountains. The Tre Cime di Lavaredo is a paradise for mountaineers and hikers.

Cerro Torre, Chile – Argentina Border

Located on the Chile-Argentina border, this majestic mountain is a part of the Los Glaciares National Park. The Cerro Torre is a vital part of a mountain range, which is composed of four mountains.

Apart from Cerro Torre, Torre Egger, Cerro Stand hard, and Punta Herron are the other three gorgeous mountains in the area. The height of Cerro Torre’s highest peak reaches up to 3128 meters. The mountain serves as a great spot for mountaineers and hikers to gauging their skills.

Mount Fuji, Honshu Island, Japan

Located on Honshu Island, Mount Fuji is a volcanic mountain. The last reported eruption dates back to 1707. Due to its unique cone-shaped peak, this mountain is referred to as the symbol of Japan. According to an estimate, almost 200000 people try their luck by climbing Mount Fuji each year. With a height of 3776 meters, Mount Fuji is the highest mountain in Japan.  

Best Nature Vacations in the World

If exploring the most sought after natural places around the world is your priority, we have some pretty cool suggestions for you. To know more about these magical places, just keep on reading.

Redwood National Park, California

To see nature at its best, there is no place like Redwood National Park, California. Here you can witness the tallest and oldest trees in the world. These trees are so enormous and majestic that you can’t help yourself but to indulge in the mesmerizing world of this park. The Forest is so dark that while moving through it you can’t feel the presence of the sun.

Great Barrier Reef, Australia

This popular place in Australia is home to a variety of coral and fish species. It is indeed an underwater paradise, which serves as the best place for snorkeling and scuba diving. The Great Barrier Reef covers an area of 1,200 miles, which makes it the largest reef system around the world. Due to its isolation from the inhabited lands, it offers amazing views of marine life, which is immune to human contact.

Desert Sand Dunes, South Africa

The Desert Sand Dunes in South Africa are the most isolated parts of the world. The wildlife is diverse and its peaceful environment makes it an ideal spot for campers. The desert safari is surely the best way to explore the area and experience a close encounter with the rhinos and elephants. Besides, the stunning landscape of coastal cliffs and waterfalls are unique elements of this tourist attraction.

Grand Prismatic Springs, Yellowstone, Wyoming

The area surrounded by the Grand Prismatic Springs has a variety of bubbling and steaming hot springs. The rich wildlife and extraordinary landscape make this place the best option when looking for a nature-focused vacation. You can also get a chance to witness the elks and grizzly bears, which are the prominent fauna species in this natural habitat.

Glaciers and Icebergs, Greenland

Greenland offers you a promising and true natural experience. You can hire a Kayak and row across the Arctic waters to see some of the amazing and fascinating landscapes. Apart from majestic glaciers and icebergs, the presence of different species of whales is another reason why you should visit this place.

To enjoy the opportunities of outdoor excursion, you can try hiking, mountain climbing, and angling. During autumn, you will get a chance to witness the most mesmerizing natural phenomenon of dazzling Northern Lights.

Mt. Everest, Nepal

Located in the mountain ranges of Nepal, Mt. Everest is the highest spot on the earth. It stands up to the height of 29,000 feet. Although it is simply impossible to climb this mountain, you can still indulge in the scenic views of this majestic structure from the valleys. The atmosphere is quiet and peaceful. Campers love this spot due to its amazing weather and beautiful landscape.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is popular for its diverse ecosystems. It offers a wide range of natural habitats for visitors to explore. The massive forest is teaming with diverse wildlife. Moreover, steaming volcanoes add beauty to the astounding landscape of Costa Rica. By visiting this place, you can experience nature in its true form.

10 Top Tourist Attractions in Rio de Janeiro

The dazzling landscape, soaring mountains, and sandy beaches are some of the most evident reasons as to why you should visit Rio de Janeiro. Moreover, the atmosphere reaches at the highest-level of its vibrancy during the Rio carnival.

Here are some of the top 10 tourist attractions in Rio de Janeiro.

Theatro Municipal

Situated in the middle of the city, Theatro Municipal (Municipal Theater) serves as the main opera house of Rio. The construction of this theater dates back to the beginning of the 20th century. This glorified building shares some similarities with the Paris Opera. If you don’t want to watch a show, just take a guided tour of this marvelous structure.

Lagoa Neighborhood

Lagoa is the most exclusive as well as third-most expensive neighborhood in the Zona Sul district. Its Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas is the largest lagoon, which is perfect for cycling and jogging. Gourmet restaurants and open-air cafés enhance the level of excitement.

Barra da Tijuca Beach

This is the longest beach in Rio de Janeiro, filled with white sand and tranquility. It is a place, which locals prefer a lot. The water is clean and offers a perfect opportunity for the surfers. The close by Barra Shopping Mall boasts 700 different stores and restaurants.

Rio Carnival

Rio de Janeiro is popular for its carnival “Rio carnival”, which takes place during winter. The celebrations start after the New Year and reach its peak prior to the Ash Wednesday. It attracts more than thousands of spectators, including local and foreign visitors. Samba, street parades, and shows are some of the highlights of this carnival.

Tijuca National Park

A7GE2K Tourists enjoy a waterfall and scenery of the Tijuca National Park in Rio with a slow shutter speed to blur the water.. Image shot 02/2007. Exact date unknown.

Tijuca National Park is one of the largest parks in the world, which mostly covers the mountainous landscape. You can enjoy hiking at Pico da Tijuca, the highest peak in Rio. This allows witnessing breathtaking views of Guanabara Bay. Mayrink Chapel and Cascatinha Waterfall are a few attractions of this park.

Christ the Redeemer

Standing with all its grandeur at a height of 710 meters, the statue of Cristo Redentor welcomes the visitors with open arms. The construction of this mammoth statue began in 1922. This soapstone and concrete made statue is the largest statue in the world regarding its genre.

São Bento

The São Bento is a monastery, which is one of the best Benedictine complexes throughout Brazil. This is so, as finest Benedict artists decorated its interior with utmost devotion. By looking at the exuberant carvings, you can ascertain how exceptional this construction is.

Jardim Botânico

Located at the foot of Corcovado, Jardim Botânico covers an area of 350 acres. It is a perfect combination of ecological sanctuary and scientific laboratory. The Orchidarium and Japanese Gardens are some of the highlights. 

Santa Tereza and Escadaria Selarón

Santa Tereza is the most vibrant neighborhood of Rio. Artists and intellectuals prefer its restaurants and cafés for sharing their ideas. In addition, you would find it a charming place to explore. The views are simply amazing; especially the convent/church of Santa Tereza and the Museu Chácara do Céu are worth to visit.


Ipanema is one of the most renowned tourist places in Rio. It lies in between the beaches of Leblon and Copacabana. In fact, it has managed to secure a top place among the “Best Beaches in the World” list for more than once.

Best things to do in Nepal

Nepal is in South Asia and is landlocked. Nepal is in central Himalayas and hosts Mt.Everest, the highest mountain in the world. The best time to visit Nepal is September when the monsoon is about to end and the skies are clear, the view is incredible and air so fresh. October to November is a good time to visit too; because of the dry weather making trekking easier and the visibility at this time is good. The landscapes are ideal for epic photos. It’s the best place to visit for an ardent photographer.

It is safe to travel to Nepal because it is free from political tension. The peace enjoyed by inhabitants makes it a good place to spend your vacation. It is the one of the best destination for all types of trekkers and hikers. Appeal to climb Mt.Everest by most of the tourists has made Nepal a major tourist destination.

The best things to do while in Nepal include:

Trekking in Nepal

Whether you are a newbie in trekking or an experienced one, Nepal is the best place to fulfill your urge for a trekking experience. The best routes to trek are found in Nepal. The best trek route is Poonhill trek that takes four days. If you can spend more than twelve days in Nepal, Everest base camp trek is the best for you to take part in, because it takes twelve days to finish.

If you love mountain climbing but you are not experienced, the most recommended peak to climb is the Mera peak or the Island peak. These peaks are more than six thousand feet and they can give an inexperienced climber an adventure of a lifetime.

Panoramic flight over the Himalayas

You might not be able to trek in the Himalayas but that doesn’t mean that you have to leave Nepal without having to view the majestic peaks in the world. A panoramic flight tour gives you the best chance to view the Himalayan beauty and view the peak of Mt.Everest.

Visit the Chitwan National Park

Chitwan Park is the first in Nepal and is one of the places that you must consider when visiting Nepal. It is home to more than five thousand migratory birds’ species, the one-horned rhinos, Asian elephants and Bengal tigers. It gives you the best opportunity to see many animals like the crocodiles, bears, elephants, and tigers. The common sightings for birds include the egrets, kingfishers, brahminy ducks and paradise flycatchers.

The best way that you can manage to explore Chitwan Park is having a three –day trip and spending two nights in any Chitwan hotels. You might get a chance to visit the actual Tharu Village during your stay in Nepal.


There are many things that you can do during your visit to Nepal. You can take a tour in Kathmandu valley and have a guide to show you all the turns in the valley. You can take a biking tour on road and visit the various sites in Nepal. The things to do cannot be exhausted in one article; you can only do so by visiting Nepal and staying for several days. The experience is wonderful and you will recount it for a lifetime.