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High Water on the Toaroha River

High Water on the Toaroha River Andrew and I had walked in and paddled the Toaroha River the day before at normal flows. However, it had been rain most of the day and been getting heavier in the afternoon. With rain bringing water levels up around Hokitika and only having time in the afternoon to paddle we decided to head back up to the Toaroha River, with the expectation of some more water. Andrew and I were joined again by Tristan for the paddle. We parked our car at the take out and begun walking our boats up the trail. There was a lot more water than the previous day, but from what we could see it still looked quite manageable. Once … Continue reading
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Lower Matakitaki River

Whitewater kayaking on the Matakitaki River The lower section of the Matakitaki River is only a short run. It’s not the hardest run out there, but it’s really fun! It seems to have a bit of everything in it. The fun starts at the put in before your kayak even gets wet! There is a big wooden slide that launches you into the river. Get in your kayak at the top, give yourself a push and slide all the way down into the river. It’s a fun way to start a trip. It’s also entertaining watching others try to slide into the water. Some with more success than others! There are a lot of boulders and rocks on this river to … Continue reading
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Glenroy River in High Water

Whitewater kayaking on the main drop on Glenroy River After warming up on the Buller River in the morning, we headed back to our camp at Murchison for a quick lunch. We then set out to run the Glenroy River for an afternoon paddle. A bit of rain had begun to fall in the last couple of days, which was great as it had been dry for quite a while. Glenroy River had risen a fair bit due to the rain. There is a big flat rock at the take out bridge that is used to gauge the level of the river. The water was nearly covering the entire rock. It was higher than Brendon had seen it before. After checking the level, we … Continue reading
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Buller River: Granity Creek Section

Buller River: Granity Creek Section Arriving in Christchurch, New Zealand I met up with Tristan at the airport early in the morning. We started organising our vehicle, kayaks and other essentials for the next couple of weeks on the road. Andrew arrived later that evening. We stayed in and around Christchurch for a couple of days finalising everything before setting off for the West Coast. Over in the West Coast we begun having some car troubles. We tried to get that sorted out, which wasted another day or two. Meanwhile, it seemed there were no other paddlers out in Hokitika. There had been a really low amount of rainfall recently and the rivers on the West Coast had all become … Continue reading
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Toaroha River – The last of our NZ tour

Toaroha River We all slept well following a full day on the Styx River the previous day. Feeling refreshed we made plans to paddle the Lower section of the Toaroha River. This was to be another helicopter trip. This section is only a 3-4 hour trip, which was welcomed after a big day yesterday. When flying up the the put in, you’re taken up river to the furthest possible landing zone. However, there’s some nice rapids just upstream of this landing area. So what happens is, everyone is flown up with their kayaks to the landing area. Then all of the kayaks are attached to the underbelly of the helicopter and flown further upstream. The helicopter can’t … Continue reading
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Styx River – Helicopter Trip Number 1

helicopter flying in kayaks on the upper Styx River We returned to our accommodation after a great day on the Kakapotahi River. It wasn’t long before we began considering our options for the next day. It hadn’t rained all day, which meant that now we’d just have to play the waiting game as various rivers slowly dropped back down to a manageable level. After some thought and talk with some locals, we decided that the Styx River should have dropped down enough by the morning. In the morning we headed off for the Styx River. Driving over the bridge at the take out, the level looked good. Not only did this mean we would be paddling a great river, but this would also be our first … Continue reading
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Lower Kakapotahi River – A Day Late

Whitewater kayaking on the lower Kakapotahi River After paddling the Totara River, our plan for the following day was to paddle the lower section of the Kakapotahi River. That night it rained. When we got up in the morning, it rained. On the drive to the Kakapotahi River, it rained some more. Actually, rain would be a gross understatement, it was absolutely pouring down. There is meant to be a dirt road on the way to the put in. However, we were driving through more water than anything else. Along the way the car hit a very waterlogged patch of mud and tracked off the side of the road into a ditch. Fortunately, there was a nice big log in the ditch … Continue reading
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Totara River

Totara River bridge in flood After finishing up on the Hollyford River, we headed back to Queenstown for New Years Eve. We drove out for an afternoon paddle down the Routeburn River, but unfortunately it was far too low. On New Years Day we left for Hokitika on the West Coast. We parted ways with Al and Rebekah, who’d been in New Zealand for a while longer than us and were heading back home to Australia and the USA respectively. We also said goodbye to Lucas who had some mountaineering and other adventures lined up. That left Duncan, Marina, Tristan and Allen who continued on to the West Coast. We also met up with Brent, who had just arrived from … Continue reading
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Hollyford River Day 2 – Falls Creek to Marian Ck Swing Bridge

whitewater kayaking on the Hollyford River Yesterday we paddled the Hollyford River from Falls Creek to Gunn’s Camp. Today we decided to get up early and head to Milford Sound before going for a paddle later in the day. We caught one of the cruises that take you through Milford Sound. This is an amazing place, unlike anything I’ve seen before. It’s an extremely popular tourist destination, and for good reason. If you haven’t heard of it before, google it and have a look at some of the amazing images. After our morning cruise on Milford Sound, we headed back to the Hollyford River to paddle the Falls Creek to Marian Creek swing bridge section. We paddled this section the previous … Continue reading
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Hollyford River Day 1 – Falls Creek to Gunn’s Camp

whitewater kayaking on the Hollyford River After our first taste of New Zealand whitewater on the Shotover River we headed for the Hollyford River. The Hollyford River is only about 50km to the North West of the Shotover River. Although driving there isn’t so simple, it’s almost a 300km trip. From Queenstown you drive about 110km South, before heading West for 60km, then another 150km North. We stayed the night at Gunn’s Camp, which was absolutely swarming with blood sucking sand flies. We put up our tent as quick as possible and tried to hide from the swarm, but it didn’t to much good. Any spot on your body that wasn’t covered got bitten, and was itchy as hell for the … Continue reading
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