A Quick Paddle Down the Shoalhaven River

After paddling down the Corang River for the first time the day before, we decided to paddle the more commonly paddled section of the Shoahaven River. Josh and Andrew had gone home following our Corang River adventure, leaving just Alex, Allen, Jaimes and Tristan for the day. Jaimes hadn’t paddled the Shoalhaven River before, so for him it was a chance to paddle something new for the second day in a row.

We put in a few kilometres below Oallen Ford via a small side creek and paddled down the the power lines. The level was around ~1.3m on the Shoalhaven River guage at Hillview.

kayaking double falls on the shoalhaven river

Allen above the second drop on "double falls"

kayaking double falls on the shoalhaven river

...and going down the second drop of "double falls"

foamy bubbles in shoalhaven river

Three of us playing in some bubbles

I’m not entirely sure what causes the frothing bubbles here, but they aren’t uncommon on a lot of Australian rivers. I believe it’s cause by leaf litter and plant material that has washed into the river and been churned up by the rapids.

Jaimes seemed to enjoy his first run down the Shoalhaven River, despite paddling the second drop of double falls upside down. There were no other incidents and a fun day was had by all of us. It’s hard not to have a good time on the river when the sun is shining bright all day!

If you want more information on paddling this section, check out this previous trip log of the Welcome Reef to the powerlines section of the Shoalhaven River.

Trip Date: 5th June 2010

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