Glenroy River in High Water

After warming up on the Buller River in the morning, we headed back to our camp at Murchison for a quick lunch. We then set out to run the Glenroy River for an afternoon paddle. A bit of rain had begun to fall in the last couple of days, which was great as it had been dry for quite a while.

Glenroy River had risen a fair bit due to the rain. There is a big flat rock at the take out bridge that is used to gauge the level of the river. The water was nearly covering the entire rock. It was higher than Brendon had seen it before.

Gauge rock nearly covered at take out bridge

Gauge rock nearly covered at take out bridge

After checking the level, we headed to the put in and got on the water. The run starts off with some grade II and III rapids, which is a nice warm up before things start getting a little steeper.

The first larger rapid is run on river right. It has a small shoot leading in to a drop about 6ft tall that finishes in a pool.

Not far after this is the main rapid/gorge section of this run. The river steepens up with a few fun rapids in a row. This section can catch wood and also has a few undercuts/sieves under boulders, so be cautious.

Whitewater kayaking on the main drop on Glenroy River

Allen in the meat of the main drop

Whitewater kayaking through Glenroy River gorge

Allen in the main gorge

Andrew had an interesting line down the centre of the rapid, whilst I had to do a quick roll coming out of the main drop. Everyone came through fine though.

After the gorge section the river begins to flatten out again and its not long before you’re back at the take out bridge.

This was a really fun run, and was still very manageable at this water level. I’d also like to say thanks to Kayo for the photo’s and for driving the shuttle for us!

Check out the video here:

Trip Date: 24 December 2010
For more information on paddling this run, check out Whitewater NZ’s guide to the Glenroy River. 

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