Penrith Whitewater Stadium aka The ‘Riff

Even though Australia is a pretty dry place, we’re still lucky enough to be able to paddle year round. It never get’s too cold to paddle, and when there’s no water in the rivers, there’s always a backup plan!

Penrith Whitewater Stadium was built for the 2000 Sydney Olympics, and runs nearly year round. The last few years it’s closed for 6-8 weeks in the quiet winter period. But during this time, there’s still waves at the beach, and Australia is littered with great beaches.

One aspect of kayaking that I really enjoy is getting out in nature, and the adventure of paddling down rivers. I find it far more rewarding being on a real river than anything man made. However, paddling in a man made river takes a lot of the risks of the unknown out of kayaking. There’s no danger of suddenly being faced with a dangerous rapid, or perhaps a fallen tree in the river. This means you can basically go out and surf the standing waves, muck about with your mates, go as hard as you want, all without most of the normal risks of whitewater kayaking.

Below is a photo log of the day at Penrith Whitewater Stadium. All photo’s were taken by Tristan, who picked up a camera instead of a paddle for the day due to injury.




Trip Date: 14 March 2010

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  1. Warren says:

    Sick mate.

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